Dog Walking Rules

1. Put your hand through the leash loop and hold the leash with both hands.

2. The dog will be leashed to both a harness and martingale collar. The leash MUST remain attached to both.

3. Walk the dog only on public property.

4. Pick up after the dog. Dispose of bags only in public trashcans or the one in front of CCR.

5. For health and safety reasons, do not let the dog meet other dogs or children.

6. Do not let the dog eat or drink anything off the ground.

7. Please avoid the first block of Lawler.

8. Please keep the dog on a short leash when exiting and entering the building.

9. Please do not let the dogs drink our of puddles or eat anything off the ground.  Please refrain from texting or talking on the phone while walking our dogs – they love your attention and need your supervision.

Download the Dog Walking Waiver