UPDATE: As of 3/1/2021, we are re-opening dog walking volunteer opportunities at Chicago Canine Rescue! Please read the instructions below on how to participate.

Thank you, and stay safe!


Volunteers are the backbone of Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation. We depend on volunteers like YOU to make our mission come to life!

In order to protect the safety of our volunteers and staff in the time of COVID, we are moving to a sign up based volunteer system. We ask volunteers to use our online scheduler to select a time they can commit to volunteering and come accordingly.

If you would like to volunteer walking dogs with CCR, please take the following steps:

1. Download and read the Volunteer Waiver and the CCR volunteer policies, code of conduct and acknowledgment.

2. Submit your volunteer registration.

3. Follow the link to the sign up that will be emailed back to you after we receive your documentation and your volunteer inquiry.

4. Use the online scheduler to reserve a time slot to volunteer.

5. Arrive at the shelter at the day and time you have scheduled, and our staff will get you set up to walk dogs!

Dog walkers must be 18 years old.

All you need is…

  • a photo ID
  • closed toe, rubber soled shoes
  • long pants
  • t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt

Children under 18 are welcome to join their parents or legal guardians to walk our dogs! Just note that only legal guardians can hold the leash.

To be added to our event volunteer list, please email volunteer@chicagocaninerescue.org!

Community Service Hours

We welcome volunteers who need to complete community service hours for school, work, or court (non-violent, non-theft, and non-animal offenses only). Community service volunteers should plan to help with dog walking unless directed otherwise by the staff. You must be over 18 years old.

For community service hours, all you need is…

  • photo ID
  • copy of the citation or coursework that indicates clearly how many hours are needed
  • any paperwork CCR needs to fill out to verify hours
  • closed toe, rubber soled shoes
  • long pants
  • t-shirt or longer-sleeved shirt

Note: It is the volunteer’s responsibility to produce necessary paperwork and document their hours. CCR is happy to verify hours on the day of volunteering and sign forms testifying to that fact, but we are unable to verify hours after the fact.