Meet The Staff

Shelter Manager

Abby has been working in animal welfare since 2015 after graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Parks and Protected Area Management. She started out working with wolves by monitoring wolf behavior and providing daily care.

Since then she has had the amazing opportunity to work with animals like lions, bears, jaguars, tigers and more! Though she has experience with a number of exotic animals, her favorite has always been working with dogs. She has worked in a variety of settings training and providing medical care for dogs of all ages and breeds, and ultimately loves seeing them thrive in their forever homes.

Abby has 4 pets of her own at home who are all rescues as well – one cat and 3 dogs. She is always taking in dogs with behavioral and medical special needs, and can usually be found taking home a CCR pup as a foster as well!

Community Outreach Coordinator

Having had many rescue dogs of her own, Nicole grew up with a love for animal welfare. After spending eight years devoted to volunteering with several rescues, pet pantries and clinics, she decided to follow her passion and commit to the rescue world full time!

She joined Chicago Canine Rescue officially in October 2022 after having been a volunteer for over a year and is working toward completing her degree in Animal Sciences!

She has two dogs of her own but you’ll often find a third (and sometimes fourth) pup in her house because she loves to foster! She’s very excited to make a difference for the dogs in our care alongside the CCR team!

Adoption Coordinator

Angel always wanted to work with animals so they got a degree in Animal Sciences and started working here at Chicago Canine Rescue right out of college! It’s been a perfect job for them because everyday they get to help dogs find loving homes.

Angel has a small dog and a cat that were both rescued as strays! Outside of animal welfare, they enjoy playing video games and trying to bake new things.

Kennel Manager

Maia was a dog sitter and walker for three years before joining the CCR team in February of 2022! She started as a kennel tech but during her first winter with us she expressed interest in joining the adoption team and has excelled as an adoption counselor since!

She says that her favorite part of the job beside finding pups their perfect homes is spending time with and caring for our dogs!

Animal Projects Manager

Maverick has been with Chicago CanineRescue for over four years now! Her passion for animal welfare started with walking dogs as a young girl with her mother at an animal shelter in Oak Park. In the last ten years, Maverick has worked at various animal shelters and dog daycares in Chicago and Wisconsin.

She is currently doing part time kennel work at CCR while she prepares to graduate in May of 2023 with her bachelor’s in Philosophy at Northeastern Illinois University. Her favorite part about working at CCR is proudly belonging to a team of passionate, talented people who all work hard to deliver excellent quality of care to all dogs while they are transitioning into a better life.

Senior Kennel Technician

Jordan moved to Chicago in 2019 after working in horticulture for several years. He never expected he would end up in animal care, but as a lifelong dog-lover it’s felt like a natural transition and he loves what he does. He says the most rewarding part of the job is getting to see each dog’s transformation during their time with us, as they slowly let their personalities shine through.

He has a lovely pooch at home named Millie and when he’s not caring for our pups, he enjoys listening to music and learning about nature.

Senior Kennel Technician

Katelyn has always been passionate about working with dogs and has been doing so since she was 14! She started out volunteering at shelters and has also worked in grooming and daycare but for her, working with rescues is the most rewarding. Being able to connect with dogs and help them on their way to finding their forever homes is something she enjoys very much!

She currently has a 15 y/o beagle/bulldog mix, as well as two rabbits and a cat. Outside of work she loves to make art, skateboard and hang out with my pets.

Senior Kennel Technician

Laura has been with CCR since April of 2022 but has been a long time supporter and has been volunteering since she was in highschool! She has experience at daycare and boarding facilities as well as having had three dogs of her own! (Including one from CCR)! She says that working in the shelter isn’t easy but seeing the dogs come out of their shell and ultimately get adopted makes the harder days worth it!

Outside of animal care, Laura’s hobbies include painting, gardening, and playing video games!

Senior Kennel Technician

Cece started working at CCR in January 2019. When she started she thought it would be a fun job to work with dogs! However, over the years she has been able to learn so much about what it takes to care for them and being able to see all the pups find their forever home is just one of the perks of working in a dog shelter! I’ve also enjoyed taking photos and videos of the pups for their adoption bio and CCR Instagram. She has 2 little pups at home, Bella (morkie) and Luna (terrier mix)! Luna was actually a foster fail from CCR and she is thriving!

Kennel Technician
Eve Doyle

Eve says working at CCR has been a dream of hers since she moved to Jefferson Park when she was 11. She has always loved animals, and wanted to make a change in her community so Chicago Canine Rescue is the perfect place for her to be! This is her first job at an animal rescue and she is so excited to be learning from her talented peers and the pups here at CCR!

Kennel Technician

Elvia has been with CCR since January 2023. Before joining us at CCR, she worked in dog daycares and boarding facilities for six years and was a dedicated volunteer working with animals at the zoo! Her extensive animal handling experience has made her an invaluable member of our team!

She enjoyed working at daycares but says that nothing beats the feeling of giving the dogs at our facility all the love and care they need and seeing them even happier as they thrive in their forever homes!

Kennel Technician

Jaxon’s desire to volunteer and then to work at CCR comes from his immense love of dogs. He used to be one of our few experienced volunteers who could handle any dog we sent his way and enjoyed volunteering but wanted to make a bigger impact!

He’s excited by the fact that working at CCR means he gets to spend more time with the pups in our care. Because he can’t have a dog at home right now, he says this is the best way he can help out and get some puppy love.

Kennel Technician
Parker (They/Them)

Parker has been around animals ever since they were a child. Having four dogs in the house at once formed a love of dogs for Parker very quickly. They now have one handsome pit bull at home named Rocco. Parker has worked at another dog rescue, and has walked dogs in the past. Because Parker is very passionate about dogs, they came to CCR to further their caring and appreciation for pups in the shelter!