Fundraising and Events

Make a difference and create a unique fundraising events of your own to benefit CCR!
Hosting your own event not only helps CCR by raising critical funds to help our animals and organization but also creates awareness about our mission and advocates on our behalf. Both of these are essential for keeping our doors open to dogs in need!
Every little bit helps. 


First, determine what type of event or fundraiser you would like to host.

Second, submit your request. A few suggested next steps are to set a goal, add a personal
story, and then share your fundraiser with friends and family. Last, we ask that you keep in mind the mission and values of CCR while carrying out your fun!

Interested in hosting an event or fundraiser?

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Event Ideas:


Children Events or Fundraising: 

School Projects, Scout Proups, Lemonade Stands

We are grateful for all ways children can gain interest and get involved.  

Personal/Corporate Events or Fundraising: Car Washes, Athletic Tournaments, Bake Sales, Pet Sitting, Garage Sales, Donation Drives, Jeans Day, Office Competitions 


Special Events:

In lieu of gifts, asking for donations or submitting a donation in place of a gift to a cause have become a popular way to support missions and spread generosity at weddings, bar mitzvah, holiday parties, birthdays, etc.


DIY Online Fundraising:
Facebook, Amazon and other sites have become popular ways to promote, advocate and raise awareness for causes. Using an online platform allows you to raise money in your name by donating securely.

General Information or for Email/Social push:

Interested in hosting an event or fundraiser? 

Click here to submit your request


Ways CCR can help support/market your event: 

CCR would love to be involved in the success of every event! However, we have limited resources and personnel. We ask that you maintain responsibility for all details of your desired fundraising efforts; including underwriting the related costs, permits, licenses, insurance or liability coverage, volunteers, and other items related to successfully executing. 


With notice, CCR can do our best to try to accommodate sending informational material, provide CCR logos, provide CCR Tax ID for donation purposes, lend a CCR donation box.


Helpful donation reference points for the CCR Shelter:  

$15 Feed a Dog for a Month 

$50 Pay for a Dog’s vaccinations and Microchipping 

$100 Pay for a Dog’s Spay/Neuter Surgery 

All Donations Help Our Mission and are Appreciated

Chicago Canine Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that relies solely on the support of private donors and public grants to fund our lifesaving efforts.

Chicago Canine Rescue has saved over 6,500 dogs since it’s inception in 2001. In 2019 alone, they took in 480 dogs and have adopted out 457 of them, an increase of 18% from prior year.


Fun Facts:

  • You do not need a certification to walk dogs and it’s a great stress reliever for them (and us!) from shelter life!!
  • Four mama dogs gave birth in the shelter in 2019
  • They have a corporate volunteer program to increase awareness
  • They started a Helping Paw program to help longer term dogs with behavioral or medical needs find homes more quickly

Policies and Rules for Fundraising:  

  • All fundraising related publicity in which Chicago Canine Rescue’s name and/or logo is used must be approved by CCR before public distribution. The name and logo must be used in accordance with Chicago Canine Rescue standards.
  • The event must be promoted in a manner to avoid statements or the appearance of CCR endorsing any product, firm, organization, individual, or service – for example, your event may not be titled “Chicago Canine Rescue Car Wash” but rather, “Car Wash to benefit Chicago Canine Rescue”.

Where to make out and send donations: 



5272 N. Elston Ave., 

Chicago, IL 60630.

Donation Deposit Form

For security purposes, we ask that you do not send cash by mail but rather drop it off or request it to be picked up by staff.