Pippin and Slinky

Pippin, a 5 month old collie mix who is deaf and visually impaired, suddenly started showing signs of significant eye irritation and displaying odd behaviors such as spinning in place, and snapping at the ceiling. Three examining veterinarians all recommend that he see a specialist ASAP for further diagnostic testing to determine next steps.

Slinky is a 5 year old dachshund mix who arrived at our shelter with a mysterious lung infection. After months of treatment, we are still at a loss and Slinky continues to cough and wheeze uncontrollably, even though chest scans tell us nothing and a variety of antibiotics fail to solve the condition. Again, veterinarians have collectively recommended that he see a specialist to check his lungs out and get to the bottom of this infection.

We are asking the CCR community to band together with our veterinary specialists to help navigate our pups’ paths to good health and their forever homes!¬† Any donation will help us and most importantly, Pippin and Slinky!

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