Medical Money Drive for 2020

together let’s pave the way!

Did you know, each year our little rescue spends over $60,000 in medical bills for dogs in our care?!? That’s A LOT of dog bones! Do you know why we spend so much?

Well in 2001, the year that Chicago Canine Rescue (CCR) was founded, the vast majority of homeless dogs and puppies with challenges in our city were euthanized.  The city had mandated that only healthy dogs that ended up at Chicago Animal Care and Control would be available for adoption. This meant, also, that any dog that entered the shelter healthy, but contracted disease there, would be euthanized.

These were dogs like:

  • Bodhi, a beautiful boy who had pneumonia.
  • Chance, an eight-week old puppy with a leg broken in two places.
  • Judy, a Jack Russell Terrier with allergies.
  • Gigi, a Westie with mammary tumors.
  • Katie, a Heinz 57 mutt with a litter of vulnerable puppies.
  • Rufus, a Chow Husky, who had contracted kennel cough.

Today, eighteen years later, we are still at it!  Over the years, CCR has rescued thousands of dogs and thousands of adopters have become part of the CCR family with so many families coming back to us to adopt their second, third and sometimes even fourth pup from us.  

For Chicago Canine Rescue to continue to help dogs in need, we must come together as a community of dog lovers! We ask for your generous donation so we can pave the way together in 2020 to guide our shelter dog’s through a smooth, comforting and caring medical journey…from injury to recovery! With the appropriate funds, CCR can make speedy decisions on the animals who need us the most! We can jump into action and help them, because you are helping us now! 

Please donate whatever you can to our Medical Money Drive! Your donation will be saved to protect and care for Chicago’s dogs in need in 2020!

We’d greatly appreciate a minimum donation of $50, so we can at least partner on the cost of spay and neuter (typically a $100). However, every donation can make a difference! The more you can give, the more we can do for these beautiful creatures. 

PLUS! For every $10,000 raised in this medical drive, Dr. Tammy Schmitt of Animal Hospital of McHenry will provide 4 surgeries at NO COST to CCR! So, let’s race towards that goal!

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