Help repair Linguine’s severe prolapsing colon

linguine arrived with 6 inches of his intestines outside of his body. he needs our help to make it through!

Linguine is the sweetest 4 year old itty bitty pittie mix who came to CCR from a shelter in South Carolina where he had been found stray. Before arrival, the shelter told us that Linguine had a generic “issue” that had been repaired, but he was now healthy. When Linguine stepped off the transport from South Carolina, it was clear something was terribly wrong. 

Six inches of Linguine’s lower intestine had been pushed out through his rectum and his internal organs were hanging in the open air – it was truly shocking. Despite this, Linguine was wagging his tail, eager to be pet, and acting like coming to CCR was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Linguine needed immediate emergency care. He was transported to the local ER, who cleaned and reduced the exposed colon, replaced it internally, and repaired Linguine’s the area as best as they could.

Unfortunately, over the past two weeks, Linguine has re-prolapsed – pushed his intestine back outside his body – FOUR TIMES. Each time, we’ve had it repaired and done further diagnostics to try to identify why it keeps happening. Now it’s time to take the next big step toward Linguine’s healing.

Linguine needs a more intensive treatment – an expensive prescription diet, a new medication cocktail recommended by a specialist, and ultimately, an internal surgery of his intestines. Without this treatment, Linguine will likely contract a bacterial infection from internal organ exposure, and his life will be at risk.

We need your help to raise at least $2,000 to save Linguine’s life. We have already spent over $2,000 on Linguine’s repeated prolapses, and we know the most expensive treatments are yet to come.

This dog deserves to live his best life. Please help make that possible. Linguine is the sweetest, gentlest, wiggliest boy around, and it’s clear he has spent much of his recent life in severe pain. Let’s put an end to that, and let Linguine finally be someone’s happy, healthy pet!


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