Help Everest beat parvo!

Puppy Everest is in the fight for his life.

Everest the 8 week old black lab puppy is in the ICU with parvo. He needs a plasma transfusion if he has any chance at making it through.
Everest arrived with his litter and his mama from a shelter in Arkansas where they had been born. Initially, Everest was a happy, healthy puppy…but one day into foster, he took a turn for the worst. Everest was rushed to the ER with parvovirus.
Parvovirus is a highly contagious virus common in unhygienic environments like poorly sanitized animal control facilities. Adult dogs are immune due to vaccinations…but puppies do not have that protection. 30% of puppies diagnosed with parvo don’t survive.
Everest as a whole future in front of him. He deserves a fighting chance.
Everest is currently in the hospital ICU. He is receiving around the clock fluids, IV antibiotics, and medications to manage his constant diarrhea, pain, and vomiting. Last night, Everest had an nasal-gastric tube placed to help the doctors tube feed him and remove fluid from his stomach that’s building up because his body is too sick to function on its own.
Despite all the care he’s received so far, Everest is still struggling. He needs a plasma infusion to give his weak body a chance to recover.
Unfortunately, this care is extremely costly – Everest is expected to spend at least 5 days on round-the-clock ICU treatment. This will cost the shelter a minimum of $6,000, but the ER vet warned it could be up to $8,000 or more.
Everest will die without this treatment. We need your help to give him every thing he needs to survive.
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