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For all dogs, the shelter is a scary, stressful place. For some, however, the experience of being in the shelter is more than just stressful—it’s traumatic. One of the biggest difficulties shelters face today is providing support and care to those dogs who are struggling more than most. Shelter stress, medical needs, or other trauma can lead to challenging behaviors that make it harder for a potential adopter to connect to a dog, who then stays in the shelter longer.

This is the vicious cycle of shelter stress—stress causes challenging behaviors, which lead to more stress, which leads to more time in the shelter.

It is the sad truth that shelter behavior does not always mirror home behavior and often prevents dogs from finding homes. Stress-related behavior causes dogs to be perceived as unfriendly, disorderly, or overly difficult, when in reality they have simply fallen victim to a situation that makes them feel lost, frightened, and insecure. These dogs often stay in the shelter the longest, waiting for a home that will finally give them the chance they need.

The cost of treatment and necessary recovery time for highly treatable medical conditions—including dental disease, heartworm disease, and other common illnesses—can also deter adopters and make it hard for a good dog to find a home.

Chicago Canine Rescue seeks to break the shelter-stress cycle through our new program, A Helping Paw. Whether it’s a professional training package or medical care, A Helping Paw provides long-stay dogs with that extra push to help them find their forever home. A Helping Paw invites companies and individuals to sponsor one or more of our adoptable dogs at a suggested donation level of $400 per pup.

Your contribution will provide crucial training or medical attention that particular dogs in our care need in order to be their most adoptable selves

We encourage donors to contribute monthly, but a one-time donation can make a significant impact as well. Funds will also assist with treating behavioral issues discovered after a dog has been placed with a family. A Helping Paw greatly increases the likelihood of adoptions for long-stay dogs and of successful transitions from the shelter into forever homes.

With the support of generous sponsors like you, we can give these amazing dogs a second chance at life! Please consider joining A Helping Paw.

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