CCR Success Stories

Chicago Canine Rescue has a 98% success rate in placing dogs into loving homes – which means we have some AMAZING rescue stories! The dogs in our care come to us from open-intake animal shelter facilities, a handful of rural partners, and families who can no longer care for them. Our team provides medical treatment, emotional and behavioral support, and adoption services to each animal that comes into our care, and we work tirelessly to match each animal with their perfect forever family. Read some of their stories below!


We got a call about a dog abandoned in a car in front of an apartment building for about a week. Thankfully a concerned citizen was able to bring him in, and not a moment too soon. Due to a skin infection, he had virtually no fur left on his body as well as a bad case of MRSA. After months of medicated baths, prescription medication, topical sprays, and a special diet, we managed to get this boy’s skin back to normal. He’ll always have sensitive skin, but he now gets to live the good life with his forever family. He’s even got special booties so he can go for long walks on the beach!


Someone tied this sweet english bulldog to the front door of a local vet clinic. The compassionate neighbors who found her brought her to us on a Saturday evening and we knew right away that she needed emergency attention. Mabel had deep lacerations on her hind leg and paw that had clearly been left untreated, and infection had set in. Thanks to the care she got from the emergency team and our own amazing CCR staff that night and over the next few weeks, we were able to save her leg! And the vet tech who supported her long recovery ended up falling in love and adopting her.