Pippin and Slinky

When we last wrote to our CCR community about Pippin and Slinky, we were in the beginning stages of diagnosing their unknown illnesses and requesting help to seek the care of veterinary specialists. For Pippin, we needed the opinion of a Neurologist to assist with his odd behaviors and high-arousal. For Slinky, we needed to head to Internal Medicine to get to the root of an ongoing cough that was resistant to all forms of antibiotics we tried.

Since then, thanks to your generous donations and support, we were able to get both dogs their initial appointments to create a plan of action! Unfortunately, the testing and procedures that need to be done are currently out of our reach.

To recap, Pippin is a 6 month old collie mix who is deaf and visually impaired, and suddenly started showing signs of significant eye irritation while displaying odd behaviors such as spinning in place, and snapping at the ceiling. 

An Ophthalmologist was seen diagnose Pippin’s eyes, and it was determined he has Merle Ocular Dysgenesis along with 3 other conditions which have been impacting his vision. Thankfully, he can still see large shapes, and it not completely blind! However, it was determined that his behaviors were not a result of his vision impairment, and it was suggested we seek the opinion if a Neurologist.

Our last appointment with the Neurologist determined he needs and MRI to figure out what is causing these odd behaviors. We can’t create a treatment plan to get this sweet boy any relief until we are able to schedule this MRI, and as many of you know, it has a high price tag for this sort of scan. We are hoping to raise enough donations to be able to take this next step to see what is causing Pippin this neurological distress!

Slinky is a 5 year old dachshund mix who arrived at our shelter with a mysterious lung infection. After months of treatment, we are still at a loss and Slinky continues to cough and wheeze uncontrollably, even though chest scans tell us nothing and a variety of antibiotics fail to solve the condition. 

Thankfully, we were able to get him an appointment with the Internal Medicine department at MedVet, and the specialist has an idea of what might be causing the consistent cough! Since Slinky came to us as a stray from Cicero in the spring – and was likely left exposed to the elements for quite some time – the doctor suspects he is battling Chronic Bronchitis. This is something he will need to be on medication for throughout the rest of his life. In order to confirm that this is the official diagnosis and start steroids, he needs to undergo a test called a Tracheal Wash. We are hoping to be able to schedule that appointment in the next few weeks after one last chest x-ray!

Both of our dogs are sweet and playful and we desperately want to get them these tests and scans to get an official diagnosis so we can start treatment.

Currently, the combined estimated cost for both dogs to get the care they need is around $9,000 for the MRI and Tracheal Wash. We are asking the CCR community to band together with our veterinary specialists to help take the next steps on our pups’ paths to good health and their forever homes!

 Any donation will help us and most importantly, Pippin and Slinky!

Stay tuned for additional updates!